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Be smart about 911

Wouldn’t it be helpful if first responders new more about your particular situation: you are up a flight of stairs; someone in the house has dementia; etc. This is what Smart911 is designed to do. It is voluntary and you fill in as much information as you want. It is a system that is being...


What community policing looks like at its best

What does real community policing look like? This article describes the work of police officer Patrick Skinner , from Savannah, Georgia, who had been a CIA operative before becoming a cop. Community policing requires a different mind-set that is often present in police work. But nothing is more likely to develop trust with the public...


Community Policing—Establishing Legitimacy

Examinations of department discipline, inconsistency and a lack of clear linkage between problems and corrective actions undermine officer confidence and the perceived fairness of the process. Transparency to show citizens that issues are identified and dealt with consistentlywould also support public trust, says a Rand report on community policing.


Police Union Wants to Stop Release of Body-cam Videos

The NYPD police union entered a law-suit to stop the release of body-camera videos. The PBA says making the videos public violates the civil rights of police officers, referring to 50-a of NY’s civil rights law. Patrick Lyn, PBA president, says the release of videos “jeopardizes the privacy rights of citizens who are captured in...

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